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Course price depends on gear & course requirements – SQ

Semester and annual payments available.


  • SSI training courses as per curriculum
  • Yachting training as per curriculum 
  • Full Diving System
  • Scuba Dives as per curriculum requirement 
  • Additional Training as per curriculum
  • Branded shirts


  • Everything not included
  • Accommodation (Please feel free to speak to us with regards to accommodation, we are happy to help and make recommendations)
  • Personal stationary
  • Course and programs not specified in our course curriculum 
  • Dive Instructors Course
  • Transport costs
  • DAN personal membership 
  • Personal laptop/ Ipad with Internet access (Free Wi-Fi at the training centre)
  • Dive Medicals

Equipment Supplied

1. Coral 1 piece wetsuit x 1 (p2)
2. Beauchat booties x 1 (p1)
3. Mares Gloves x 1 (p1)
4. Tusa Imprex Duo fins x 1 (p1)
5. Tusa freedom ceos Mask x 1 (p1)
6. Mares Egro Flex Snorkel x 1 (p1)
7. Bright Weights Weight Belt x 1 (p2)
8. Bright Weight – 0,5Kg Slugs x 10 (p2)
9. Bright Weight – 1,5Kg Cylinder Weights x 2 (p2)
10. Bright Weight – Tank Harness x 1 (p2)
11. Mares BC x 1 (p3)
12. Mares Regulator + Octo (p3)
13. Mares Mission compact 1 gauge x 1 (p3)
14. Mares PUCK PRO computer x 1 (p3)
15. Alpha Dive Centre Dive Box with Wheels x 1 (p1)
16. Wrist Compass x 1 (p2)
17. Torch x 1 (p2)

Note : All Diving equipment is included in the program although actual equipment supplied might vary from above list.

Equipment supplied for the Build your own program varies from above list. Please contact Alpha Dive Academy for detailed equipment list for the Build your own Program.

Student Accommodation

Accommodation is excluded, please feel free to speak to us with regards to accommodation, we are happy to help and make recommendations



CEO Program


1st April to 30th June


15 July to 30th September


15 October to 15th December

CEO Lite – Design Your Own Program

Limited time on your hands or partly qualified ?

Build your own program with international certifications in both the diving and yachting world. 

KEEN?  – Design Your Own