The world rotates around technology; therefore having the correct tools for the every day tasks such as setting up Excel Spreadsheets and making PowerPoint presentations will be handled in this part of the course.

Working in and around a dive shop, you would need to understand the importance of how to operate a compressor. 

Filling scuba cylinders will become a everyday task, doing this safely is vital. 


Hazards can be found anywhere, mitigating and taking calculated risks is what will be handled in this module. 

In this module you will learn to manage the front part of the store, how to manage client sales and invoicing. 

Having the correct product knowledge can lead to better customer service

All businesses are run differently, however they all run on the same principle. 

Here we will take students to visit other dive shops so they can see the ins-and-outs of the industry.

LinkTree is the latest concept in the business world that enables users to get the best feedback on their social media platforms.

You will get to experience one of the top baristas in South Africa. 

He will present different methods of making coffee in the industry, and history will also be discussed about the different coffee beans you can find all around the world.


Working on Excel and Word can be useful, in this semester the student will learn the Microsoft Office Pack more in-depth. This will make sure that the student can adequately handle the program.

Now that you are comfortable with filling cylinders, a next step will take you to learning how to read the markings on the cylinders and to know how to perform visual inspections. 

Taking a calculated risk in not only an important step in your adult life, setting up trust funds and reading + understanding important documents is essential for a successful business owner. 

For you to run your own Dive Centre, you would need to have knowledge regarding the front end as well as the back end of the shop, products and important paperwork. 

Meeting the major role-players in the Suba Diving Industry will factor as an additional stepping stone for your future.

Visiting all the dive shops in the area where you are based, will count as an important researching tool for the future of a successful business.

Setting up a CV for promoting your personal skills, proves to be of value to ensure good employment on a yacht / dive business.

Learning to cook more that 2min noodles an important step in becoming a professional adult. 

This experience will grant every student the opportunity to work in a professional kitchen!

Included in this experience we add the Wine experience, this teaches the student the difference between the kinds of wines that you can pair with different types of food.  

Having the opportunity to dive in the TWO OCEANS Aquarium is an amazing experience that will last you a lifetime. 


Students can now independently complete tasks both professionally and effectively. 


Cylinders can now be filled without the supervision of the instructors, basic tasks like how to prepare a cylinder for chemical and visual test can be done.

Setting up trusts for both yourself and for your future kids, evaluating businesses and setting up HIRA plans for more effective and safe workspaces. 

Managing a store will be the primary goal, however focusing on the book keeping/telephone and organizing skills will be done in the last semester. 

In the last foot of the industry tour you will be taking the HIRA into account as we will be visiting numerous dive shops. 

Students will now be able to setup their own CV’s, prepare presentations and prepare their own documentation for meetings.

Understanding how the lungs expand and contract as you dive deeper will be explained in visual affect while in the chamber.