Dive Gap Year Programs Cape Town

Dive gap year programs Cape Town have always been a popular destination for both veteran divers and beginners to explore the wonders of the ocean. Known for its long list of top dive sites, you are never short of a place for a great dive. The waters of Cape Town are relatively warm, ranging from the low 20’s to high 20’s (celcius) depending on the season. Because of this, you can dive almost all year round and get your first Scuba Dive Lesson In Cape Town Here.

Welcome to my office! Make this yours!

Training you to become the next CEO (Certified, Experienced, Objective driven) in the diving industry

Alpha Dive Academy Has Created an Awesome Dive Gap Year for You to start a career in the scuba diving industry; work overseas, and travel the world with an internationally recognised qualification.

This training programme consists of a wide variety of tools that will prepare you for a successful future in diving.

Not only will you learn how to dive, but you will also get the opportunity to see the ins and outs of running a dive centre.

A unique feature of this programme is the South Africa Dive Industry Tour. This experience is a rare opportunity that few can put claim to. Earning your professional dive qualification during this programme will be a strong foundation for your future as a professional in the diving industry.

Once completed, you will be Internationally Qualified to work almost anywhere in the world!




Dive Gap Year Programs Cape Town

Young People Enjoying Their Gap Year Programs Cape TownHave you decided to take a year off before University or College? Why not spend it on a scuba diving gap year? There are many different scuba diving gap year programs around the world, but some of the most popular places to dive are in the Capetown and Sodwana Bay.

The Top 5 Things To Do In Cape Town During Your Gap Year In Cape Town

  1. Dive into the best of the Southern tip of Africa.
  2. Dive into South Africa – Land of many cultures
  3. Dive into Cape Town – A city full of opportunities
  4. Dive into the blue oceans of the World – Diving in the Cape
  5. Dive into the Cape Nature’s Playground
Dive Gap YearPlanning to take a gap year? A gap year is an intercalary year off from formal education. It is typically taken between high school and college education. The average age of a gap year student is 17 or 18.
Gap years can be used for travel, work, volunteer or other education related activities.
Whether you’re a certified diver or a complete newbie to the world of scuba, there’s no question that taking a dive gap year an unforgettable adventure. Not only do you get to explore the beautiful underwater world, but you also have the opportunity to meet new people, learn a new skill, and maybe even discover a new passion with our gap year programs Cape Town.

New Dive Gap Year Programs Cape Town

As you can imagine, Cape Town is a great place to take a gap year, whether you’re considering becoming a diving instructor, or just want to see the world. Hostels are full of young people just like you, and dive shops are always looking for new instructors to take the plunge with your dive gap year programs Cape Town.  Contact Us for more info on our gap year programs.