Semester 1
Above and Below

Basic training towards your future




  • Divers are trained to plan and execute open water dives competently.
  • Students need to complete a minimum of 4 sea dives with the emphasis on skills training.
  • Practical application of the skills taught in confined water(pool training) will be briefed, executed and applied.
  • Maximum diving depth is 18m.

  • Alpha Dive Academy’s aim is to train students according to standards set by the relevant international training organization and to maintain a level of safety and communication between the student and instructor.
  • In many areas, both locally and internationally, you need to be qualified as an Advanced (Adventure) Diver to be able to take part in some of the most spectacular and enjoyable dives, for instance:
    • Night Diving
    • Boat Diving
    • Deep Diving (not exceeding 30m)

This course is the ideal entry route into this exciting industry and the minimum qualifications any new candidate needs. The Deckhand Course offers the simplest and most effective way to gain entry level employment as a deckhand or crew aboard yachts of all size superyachts.

Our extensive deckhand course contains the following modules:

  • Career progression
  • Visas
  • CV’s
  • Crew agencies
  • Deckhand duties and practical application of products and maintenance
  • Water sports
  • Varnishing and Paint work
  • Line handling, etc.

  • Mask p1
  • Snorkel p1
  • Fins p1
  • Boots p1
  • Gloves p1
  • Alpha Dive Centre Box With Wheels p1
  • Microsoft Office p1
  • Compressor operation p1
  • General store management p1
  • Risk Management p1
  • Scuba U p1
  • Industry Dive Tour p1
  • Marketing – Linktree p1
  • Barista Experience