CEO Lite Program


Open Water Diver

As an Open Water Diver you need to complete a minimum of 4 sea dives with an emphasis on skills training. Theoretical training is provided through an online portal and practical application of the skills will be taught in confined water. Upon completion of this course you will be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 18m

SSI Speciality International Courses:

  • Perfect Buoyancy
  • Navigation
  • Night and Limited Visibility
  • Deep Diving
  • Diver Stress and Rescue
  • React Right

CEO in Training Program:

  • Risk Management
  • Equipment Techniques
  • Compressor Operation
  • Point Of Sale Techniques

Diver Stress & Rescue

This is where you start taking responsibility for other divers as well as yourself. At this point you will find yourself ready to become your own future professional in scuba diving. The course consists of confined water practice skills. You will learn how to do CPR. How to apply O2 and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to CPR as well as a DAN Training course.


Dive Guide

Dive Guide gives you the skills and experience to safely lead groups of certified divers. This is the first step towards an exciting career as an SSI Dive Professional without requiring you to complete an instructor program. Professional Dive Guides can work for SSI Dive Centers, guiding dives in a variety of environments and conditions. You will earn the SSI Dive Guide certification after completing this program


One hospitality experience


CEO Lite Program Structure:

The CEO Lite program is broken down into three different knowledge transfer categories:


Alpha Dive Academy defines a “course” as an Internationally Recognised and Accredited certification. All the SSI courses that the students successfully complete are internationally recognised and accredited.


The “programs” that the students attend are prepared and presented by Industry Specialists. The lectures are prepared to be relevant to the students attending this program and the subject matter will add value to the students understanding of being a leader in the dive industry. These programs are not recognised and the student will not receive an accreditation for attending and participating in them.

Exposures and Experiences

The students will participate in several “experiences” during the completion of the CEO in Training course. This is also referred to as an “Exposure”. These experiences are neither courses nor programs. Alpha Dive Academy defines an experience as an activity that the student physically participates in (for example a chamber dive or wine appreciation evening). The purpose of the experience is to develop and enhance the students overall understanding of the industry. These experiences are not recognised nor accredited and there is no certification accompanying participation.

ADA is NOT a HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and accordingly you shall NOT obtain a qualification that meets the definition of “higher education” as defined in the Higher Education Act 101 of 1997 (as amended).  For avoidance of doubt, it is emphasised that at the completion of your program you will NOT obtain a certificate, diploma, degree or any other qualification associated with tertiary education.